10 days in Amsterdam

By Cynthia
Edited by Sarah
10 days in Amsterdam (1).jpg

10 days in Amsterdam taking care of a friend’s house...and her cat. Which had all started as a joke of me just saying I would totally go there.

I never imagined I would go to Amsterdam or any part of Europe (in my mind everything was expensive). I was wondering how could I afford a two week trip after just moving out, getting a car and life? 

Amsterdam was charming, everywhere I went it seemed like I already knew it. And seemed everyone was around my age range. Amsterdam is diverse in culture and in everything really. 

Here you will pay for museums, long lines and busy. It may have been busy as well because I was there during the Holiday for New Years. 

I do recommend not over packing. I took a pair of warmers (pants and shirt for the cold weather) and then just layers after that. A good rain jacket, hat and gloves will do. 

It’s easy to walk around since its just canals and connections. Again Google maps was the best!

There is also an app called Maps and you can download the map [of the city your visiting] and use it without data. 

Some places I visited and consider a must: 

1. Anne Frank house

2. Van Gogh Museum

3. Foodhallen

4. Metropolitain 

5. MOOK Pancakes

6. Vondelpark

7. New King Mandarin Cuisine

8. Templo de Guan Yin / Fo Guang Shan Holland Temple 

9. Albert Cuyp Market - best stroopwaffles there

They use Euros and prices were amazing. Better than USA, it reminded me of a mix between Mexican prices and US prices. I also didn’t pay for hotel which helped. I know hotel costs were about $1000 per night during that season. 

I purchased my flight via Kayak - and didn’t plan anything - just walked around every day. I will be there December this year again.

It is scary to travel alone at first, but it’s also a matter of having self confidence. Feeling secure. No matter where we go, we have to be like that in our own cities and it helps to travel. You gain that. 

Traveling gives us something, a spark. A love for life. It helped me gain perspective, know my limits and also respect them. Every single street I walked I felt secure and safe and everyone was nice and decent. Maybe because I was part of the city and not a "tourist". I didn’t rush anything, I was polite and respectful of others, I was kind and that helps. 

Act with kindness no matter what place you visit and it will be rewarding. 

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