Unusual Europe: Vienna's Forgotten Amusement Park Böhmischer Prater

By Nina

When you ask people about amusement parks in Vienna, most likely the “Prater“ will come to mind. It is one of the oldest amusements parks in the world with a long history. However, did you know there is also a smaller, even older and hidden secret amusement park in the city, most people do not know about?

It is called Böhmischer Prater (“Bohemian Prater”) and is located in Vienna’s 10th district Favoritenon mountain Laa (Laaer Berg). Some of its rides are over 100 years old and will please children and quaint art lovers likewise.In the second half of the 19th century, the park was highly frequented by showmen and workers from the nearby brick plant. The majority of them came from the nearby crown lands of the Austrian- Hungarian monarchy Bohemia and Moravia (now Czech Republic) and gave the park its name.

Nowadays the park is almost abandoned and is only running rarely on some weekends in summer. It’s somewhat remote location and lack of modern rides doesn’t attract most families to visit. However, I am even more so drawn to this magical dream land that I often visited as a child with my mother.

Walking through this tiny park you will feel like a time traveler. Spot fairytale rides that feature little figurines of Grimm’s famous fairytales such as “Hansel and Grethel”, “Rumpelstiltskin”, “Hans in Luck” and “The Magic Table”, as well as nostalgic little details everywhere. Everything seems from another era and you will feel like you are caught in a whimsical dream land. Vintage carousels, accompanied by music from a barrel organ contain lovely old painted wooden horses named Rosi and Norbert. Take a ride on the ferris wheel with a gorgeous view over Vienna thanks to the parks high altitude.

Böhmischer Prater will transport you to a whimsical dream that tells tales of long bygone times.

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