6 Tips for the Female Traveler

6 Tips for the Female Traveler @ www.wandermore.store

By Sarah

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Traveling is a learning experience. It's not just about the history of the place you're going, the things to see and foods to eat. It's about learning who you are. The way you handle stressful situations, how you deal with being in unfamiliar environments and hopefully, meeting your self somewhere along the way. 

Through my years of traveling I've picked up some ideas and tips I think will help my fellow travelers. These are ever changing and evolving as I find new things and let go of others. 


1. Pack Light-This is number one for a reason. It's the most helpful and also the hardest to master. I started challenging myself years ago to pack lighter and lighter with every trip. I started with a standard rolling suitcase and have downsized over time to a backpack. To me there is nothing worst then lugging around giant bags up and down stairs or through city centers. It leaves you tired and cranky by the time you reach your destination. My new goal is to carry a month or two worth of stuff in a 45L backpack and my day bag/camera bag as my only travel bags. Trust me, when you're carrying all your stuff on your back, the lighter the better!


2. Capsule Wardrobe-This should be a no brainier but it's taken me a while to get to the point where I actually do this. Pack a capsule wardrobe so everything matches everything. You can go with a certain color scheme or with my preferred neutrals. This way you can literally pull out a top and bottom without looking and know that they will match. It makes life so much easier! There are a ton of videos on YouTube about how to build a capsule wardrobe.


3. Laundry Bars-To help you with the packing lightly theme I have going on, I ALWAYS pack a bar of laundry soap. This makes it so easy to do laundry in the bathroom/kitchen sink in the morning and let them dry while you're out for the day. This also allows you to pack less clothes to began with. These bars are inexpensive and you can buy them off Amazon.


4. E-Readers-Most people have them but I feel it's worth the note to include it here. No more carrying around heavy or bulky books on you vacation. I admit that I resisted e-readers at first. I love the smell and feel of books but when I can have 200+ books in one small devise I was sold. Now it goes everywhere with me. I started with a Nook from Barns and Nobel but honestly the thing slowed down pretty fast and only lasted around two years before I had to get a new one. Now I have an ipad and while I like it a lot more it's not the best for reading out in the sun. My best advice is to do your research and find one that works best for your needs and budget.


5. Print out you Hotel Reservations-This might sound odd in the digital age but I have been in many situations where I had no internet access to pull up my email to find my reservation. That can get real stressful real fast. I now always print out any important documents like tour reservations and flights. You can always throw away the sheets after you use them.


6. Menstrual Cup-This might sound a bit out of left field but can I just say this thing has changed my life! While trying to create a more minimal life style for myself I came across menstrual cups. I had heard about them but never really looked into them. There are some good YouTube videos about the pros and cons that you can check out. They can get a little messy so it might not be for everyone, but it has made such a difference for me. The best thing for me is that I don't have to buy or pack tampons or pads anymore. Think about all that extra space in your bag! More room for souvenirs. ;) 

From head to toe has a great video about them. You can watch the video here to learn more.

Check out the Sckooncup on Amazon here.


I hope this helps you with your packing and makes your travel expierence better. What tips do you have when it comes to traveling? Share in the comments below, I always love to hear new ideas!