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We at Wander More are firm believers in women helping women. Below you will find links to blogs written by some amazingly talented women. These are just a few of what's out there and we encourage you to treat it as a lancing pad into the world of female run tavel blogs. If you have a blog or know a site that you'd like to recommend please send us an email and help share the love!

Happy wandering!


Anasaisa Allion

You and me - we speak the same language.  We know what it is like to watch the sunrise across an alpine lake.  We know what the wind feels like on the summit of a hard-earned peak.  We know what it is like to go home after a weekend of climbing and wish that we could feel that inspired, all the time.  


Just Me On Life

Just Me On Life is a website where founder Nadine Barrett's journey is shared with all. The adventures, funny spontaneous moments, progression and of course hiccups along the way. She is a Blogger, Poet, Lifestyle Guru and Property Investor. Join her on the #UpgradeMyLife movement to live the lifestyle you desire.


Wayward Wander

Hi! I'm Kate from @wayward.wander on Instagram. Welcome to my travel blog, where I document trips, tips, and tricks for fellow wayward wanderers. Enjoy!


Lost & Abroad

Hi, I'm Kalena! Lost & Abroad is a website that features travel advice, destination pieces and personal stories, and explores what really makes a place unique, its culture and history. You can also follow my adventures on Instagram @lostandabroad