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We're so glad you could join us! We want to get women up and traveling. So we've compiled a collection of travel inspirations. We have blogs from fellow female wanderers from all over the world, filled with the best tips, ideas and travel stories, just waiting for you. Our goal is to take the intimidation and fear out of travel. Whatever you want to know about travel just let us know and we will do our best to help. We'll give you the best advice to get you up and traveling. 

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In my experience I've found that there are two kinds of women when it comes to travel. Those that are willing and comfortable with traveling on their own and those that tell themselves they can't. More often then not most women fall into the later. There are plenty of reasons as to why this is and they are good and valid reasons, but I have never been a fan of letting your fears dictate your life. No mater the cause be it safety, fear of the unknown or simply loneliness there are ways to overcome all of it. Wander More is meant to educate, inspire and get you out and traveling! I want women to stop questioning themselves and whether they can or should. You can and yes, you should! I have learned more about myself and who I want to be by traveling and seeing the world then I have in any other situation in my life. In that spirit we will be here to help you take the steps you need to experience more then you ever thought possible. Wander More is the place where you can ask questions, get advice and learn from those that have walked the steps before you.

                  -Sarah  Owner of Wander More


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